Frequently Asked Questions

A: Known as Camp LARC prior to changing its name in 2011, Camp MOE has offered a camp experience for children with special needs for over 45 years. Camp MOE was the first in New England to offer an integrated program for children with special needs. We believe all children should have the opportunity to learn, grow, and have fun together. Children who require 1-on-1 support are assigned a support counselor. A hallmark of our program is that support staff contact's parents prior to working with their children in order to be prepared to offer the best camp experience.
A: Prior to acceptance, Camp MOE will review your child's application, including information from you and your child's school, to make an informed decision about the appropriateness of camp for your child or supports that may be required to make your child successful. In addition to the application, the Director may request a meeting with you and your child. Children who require support are assigned a support counselor. A hallmark of our program is that support staff contacts parents prior to working with their children in order to be prepared to offer the best camp experience.
A: Support staff costs can be funded in many ways. For example, if your child is funded by a school district, they may take responsibility for funding the additional costs of a support staff. In other cases, the family may be responsible for funding the additional cost. Please contact Camp MOE for additional information.
A: Camp MOE is licensed by the Connecticut Department of Public Health and is inspected during the camp season.
A: Our staff consists of high school students, college students, college graduates, teachers, school paraprofessionals, and administrators. Before a staff member is hired, s/he goes through an intensive interview process which includes checking references and conducting background checks. Our staff receives training in the areas of Emergency Procedures, Water Safety, Stages of Development, Autism, Intellectual Disabilities, ADHD, and behavioral difficulties. The camp’s directors possess a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, however, most have obtained a master’s degree and have over 10 years of experience.
A: There is a camp nurse or camp first aider on duty at all times when campers are on the camp property. Furthermore, all camp staff are certified in First Aid and CPR.
A: Any medication, including over the counter medication, must have a doctor’s order and come in its original container.
A: Camp MOE runs rain or shine. Therefore, all campers should come prepared for any kind of weather by having a sweatshirt for the cool mornings and a rain jacket for rain in their backpacks.
A: Camp MOE works closely with families to ease camp payment. A monthly payment plan is one plan available to families.
A: Camp MOE has campership money which can be distributed to family’s that demonstrate need. Families must apply for financial support, which includes submitting supporting documents, to the camp office. Because campership dollars are limited, we encourage families to apply early.
A: Camp MOE has before care from 7am to 9am and after care from 4pm to 6pm for an additional fee.
A: Camp MOE has an Electronics No-Use policy for our campers and staff. Electronics are not allowed at camp unless the device is an approved communication device.
A: Our staff is trained in behavior interventions. Staff recognizes that most campers have a reason behind their behavior so they need to listen before reacting. Consequences coincide with the behavior. In severe situations, the director is notified and parents will be called.
A: All campers and staff are tested to assess their swimming ability and to determine the swimming area in which they will be allowed to swim safely. The assessment is also used to determine lesson placement. Campers are allowed to re-test after discussion with the waterfront director. Certified life guards are on duty at all times when waterfront it open.